Your Butlins Caravan Holiday Details

Reference 45Ferrans
Holiday start date 22/08/20
No. of nights 7

Butlins Caravan holiday selections and costs

Caravan Cost



Total passes 5 + inf+2d 1+2d @50 £150

Beds Made up Quilt & Pillow covers & Sheets £50 per van

  Not Available
Check in time
I wish to upgrade and Check in to Butlins at 2pm + £20
Check In upgraded 2pm £20
Check out time Check out 10am
Mobility Scooter £50   £0
Deposit £100 Non refundable  
Security Bond £50 Refunded after the caravan has been inspected of any damage & is clean.
Adult w/e £20 per person
Security Bond
Total   £1190
Payment 19/09/19 £50
Payment Credit £20
Payment Credit £50
Payment 20/1/19 bt £50
Payment 15/03/20 £50
Payment 21/4/20 t £75
Payment 03/05/20 t £200
Payment 27/05/20t £160
Payment 18/05/20t £100
Payment 20/06/20t £100
  Total paid £785
New price inc Dogs   £580
  Security Bond
  Total £580
Credit to 2021   £200
Standing order 10 payments from 00/##/19 £00  
If not paying by Staning order a further £50 payment is due in 30 days of booking. Total balance is to be paid in full no later than 22/08/20late payment will incur a charge or invalidate your break Please visit our terms and conditions for full details



How to pay

If you need any help in setting up the standing order or any questions please Contact via phone or email.

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